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Virtual Accounting Services

Chief Financial Officer Services

  • Accessing Capital - Securing and structuring debt and equity financings

  • Identifying, evaluating and executing on M&A transactions

  • Structuring significant business development agreements

Controller Services

  • Preparing financial statements for management reports, for bank compliance, grant compliance and other regulatory mandated financial reports

  • Preparing budgets, projections , cashflow  forecasts and providing financial analysis to support major business decisions

  • Implementing internal controls that improve the management of your business

Accounting Services

  • Full-cycle bookkeeping

  • Bank reconciliations

  • Accounts payable and payments

  • Customer invoicing and receivables

  • Payroll and remittances

  • Inventory

  • GST/PST/HST/ and income tax returns

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Most of our work is done remotely. More and more offices are becoming paperless and OGEE promotes a paperless office environment. We use electronic versions of your source documents (bank & credit card statements, invoices, etc) to record your transactions in popular accounting software (Quickbooks, Sage, Xero etc).  We can use accounting software that we license on your behalf on our hosted servers, we can access your existing software on your server, or we can use cloud based applications that allow you to access your accounting information from anywhere using your lap top, tablet or smart phone. We ensure that all your financial information is secure, confidential, and private.   We then use your accounting information to generate the reports and your key performance indicators (KPI’s), prepare necessary tax filings and generate the financial analysis needed to make strategic decisions.

How it Works

Accessing Capital

  • We take your business information and we turn it into a compelling rationale for funding.

  • We determine the optimal type of financing structure.

  • We approach prospective investors/lenders.

  • We create a competitive process soliciting term sheets and look for the best fit.

  • We manage the due diligence process and negotiate definitive agreements.

  • If you are an existing accounting client of OGEE this process can advance at a much quicker rate.

  • With OGEE you have the financial expertise needed to secure the best financing for your company.

Accessing Capital from Services
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