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Client Profiles

Explosive growth curve

Your vision calls for explosive growth, but you need access to capital.  OGEE can put together a financing strategy that’s right for your business.  We can then take that strategy and execute. 



With every opportunity there is uncertainty.  Many companies are faced with the question “do I build the infrastructure I am going to need, now?    What if things don’t go according to plan? At OGEE, we can provide the accounting expertise you need on demand, when you need it. No need to hire new personnel and expand your office space or make additional investment in technology. 


You need to re-trench following a set-back so that you can re-launch even stronger.  Reducing expenses means reducing overheads and re-tooling some accounting functions.  OGEE can step in and provide some or all of your accounting needs, reducing your overhead, while still getting the job done.  OGEE can identify and evaluate strategic options and provide a road map for execution on your selected path.


Just getting off the ground

You are just getting started and want an economical solution for your bookkeeping needs, whether it be for annual tax filings or more frequent reporting, OGEE can deliver what you need.


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