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Why high growth companies need new ways to access finance & accounting services

Have you hired an under or over qualified finance or accounting person? Or struggled to find the right person with all the skills you need? Your accounting gets done but the individual doesn't have the experience to access capital or develop strategic alliances. Conversely, you bring in a senior finance person and ask them to "roll-up their sleeves" to do a bookkeepers work. Both situations can be costly both in terms of expense, turnover and opportunities lost.

Don't go back to the hiring-go-round, convinced you'll get the right person next time. There is a better solution: access the finance and accounting skills and expertise you need when you need them. Match the skills to the tasks required, with the precision unattainable through hiring a single individual. No more under or over qualified issues and the high cost!

With OGEE you can hire an entire finance and accounting department for as little as the cost of an accountant/bookkeeper. Just think when you want to talk about a strategic opportunity your CFO is already on board!


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